Liz Woods

Liz Woods photo

Liz Woods came to Corn­wall in the late 1990s on a whim, and stayed because the county beguiled her with its unique mix­ture of his­tory and cul­ture. Trained as a law­yer, she spent most of her career as a col­lege lec­turer and manager.

Liz is fas­cin­ated by the way that food is about so much more than what we eat, and how what we eat con­nects us to our child­hood and our national and local roots. Her interest in his­tory, food and folk­lore inspired her to begin writ­ing her pop­u­lar blog, Feasts and Fest­ivals, in 2010. Cornish Feasts and Fest­ivals builds on the suc­cess of that blog, and on the resur­gence of interest in local food and local cuisine in Cornwall.

Liz’s poetry has been antho­lo­gized by Grey Hen Press. Her second book, Cornish Feasts and Fest­ivals, is pub­lished in our Pocket Corn­wall series; her first was a legal text­book… she keeps quiet about it!

Fol­low Liz on her Feasts and Fest­ivals blog.