Rob Senior

Dr Rob Senior was influ­enced more than he real­ized by his father’s love of garden­ing. He was set to work in the veget­able garden, and a teen­age interest in cacti was a reac­tion to pota­toes and broad beans. Read­ing W. Arnold-​​Forster’s Shrubs for the Milder Counties was a rev­el­a­tion of some­thing of the mag­ni­fi­cent scope of hor­ti­cul­ture, and led him to leave the ‘frozen north’ and seek employ­ment in the ‘sunny south’. Through the ensu­ing 40 years, plants­men, gar­dens, and plants helped him retain a degree of equan­im­ity, des­pite the pres­sures of NHS bur­eau­cracy. In retire­ment from gen­eral prac­tice, they are a pan­acea for the tri­als of advan­cing age. He is a con­trib­ut­ing author of Garden­ing on the Edge: Draw­ing on the Corn­wall Exper­i­ence.