Michael Kent

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Mike Kent

Dr Michael Kent is a mar­ine bio­lo­gist. He has taught out­door edu­ca­tion and bio­logy, and was Coast­watch Co-​​ordinator for the Nature Con­servancy Coun­cil, organ­iz­ing sur­veys of Cornish estu­ar­ies and beaches. He helped to set up the Centre for Applied Zoology at Corn­wall Col­lege Newquay, and to design and run Found­a­tion degrees in Zoolo­gical Con­ser­va­tion and Mar­ine Aquacul­ture. He is the author of Food and Fit­ness; The Oxford Dic­tion­ary of Sports Sci­ence & Medi­cine, and Advanced Bio­logy (all pub­lished by Oxford Uni­ver­sity Press), and co-​​author of the Collins Pocket Ref­er­ence Bio­logy. He was a con­trib­utor and adviser to The Oxford Dic­tion­ar­ies of Eco­logy, Zoology, and Plant Life. Michael is co-​​author, with his wife Merryn Kent, of Corn­wall from the Coast Path, and author of Explor­ing the Camel Estu­ary, pub­lished in our Pocket Corn­wall series.