Merryn Kent

Merryn Kent is a his­tory gradu­ate of Somerville Col­lege, Oxford. A former teacher and com­puter pro­gram­mer, she is cur­rently Lib­rary Man­ager for Pad­stow and St Columb lib­rar­ies. Her pub­lished work includes edu­ca­tional mater­ial for primary school pupils, book­lets for GCSE sci­ence stu­dents, and short stor­ies and magazine art­icles for gen­eral read­ers. A keen walker, she is an act­ive mem­ber of the Ram­blers Asso­ci­ation for which she is a volun­teer Foot­path Guard­ian. Above all, she has an enthu­si­astic interest in Cornwall’s land­scape and her­it­age and is keen to share that enthu­si­asm with oth­ers. Merryn is co-​​author, with her hus­band Michael Kent, of Corn­wall from the Coast Path.