Mally Francis

Mally Francis photo

Mally Fran­cis © Charles Francis

Mally Fran­cis trained with Anne-​​Marie Evans in botan­ical illus­tra­tion. She foun­ded the Eden Pro­ject Florile­gium Soci­ety, and is a Fel­low of the Chelsea Physic Garden Florile­gium Soci­ety.

She and her hus­band, pho­to­grapher Charles Fran­cis, came to live within the Heligan estate in 1997, and she has since been devel­op­ing a port­fo­lio of water­col­our paint­ings of Heligan plants. These include some of the ancient, almost iconic, flower­ing trees and shrubs in the pleas­ure grounds of the Lost Gar­dens; cut-​​flower, fruit and veget­able crops from the award-​​winning pro­duct­ive gar­dens, and wild flowers and fungi from Heligan’s wider estate. She is the author/​illustrator of our per­petual diary, Heligan Days.

Find out more about Mally and her work on her web­site.