Les Cathery

Les Cath­ery star­ted to grow bam­boos in the early 1980s, to aug­ment a pre­dom­in­antly Him­alayan garden in Sur­rey. In 1994 he moved to the far south-​​west coast to house the expand­ing bam­boo col­lec­tion, and to include less hardy spe­cies, but mainly to indulge a grow­ing pas­sion for Southern-​​hemisphere plants, par­tic­u­larly Pro­teaceae and Res­tion­aceae. He holds the NCCPG Phyl­losta­chys cul­tivar joint col­lec­tion. He is a con­trib­ut­ing author of Garden­ing on the Edge: Draw­ing on the Corn­wall Exper­i­ence.